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    The better prepared your child is for the 11 plus exams, the better they’ll do. It’s obvious.

    But perhaps a little less obvious is what you can do to help them.

    This is where we, at Presit come in.

    We have three powerful ways to help you to prepare your child for their 11 plus exam:

    By using these powerful practice tools you will be giving your child a clear advantage.

    The results you will receive after using these tools will help to guide you, your child and your child’s teachers and tutors to improve performance while there’s still time.

    The questions your child will encounter when using Presit will give them plenty of experience of the kinds of question he or she will face in the real eleven plus exams, increasing their confidence and helping them to pace themselves instead of panicking on the day.

    Presit is perfect - whether your child is preparing for the CEM style exams, GL style exams or the independent schools’ eleven plus.

    Click the links above to begin using the Presit programme or to find out how you can give your child the advantage.